Helix 3D Scanning Sensors

Helix 3D Scanning Sensors

Helix® is Perceptron’s family of next generation 3D Scanning Sensors offering the world’s first fully programmable laser scanner. The laser line quantity, density, length and orientation characteristics are all user configurable and eliminate the necessity to physically move the scanner over the part during scanning.

All scanning motion is contained within the patented Helix Sensor, dramatically improving quality and accuracy of scanned data. It also allows you to capture multiple part features in one sensor position ensuring both accurate and repeatable measurement results. Helix also contains an embedded accelerometer to determine real-time sensor orientation. It was developed specially for advanced robotic inspection applications where the robot moves the sensor to discrete measuring positions and collects all required measurement data.


For more information about Perceptron’s Helix 3D Laser Scanning Sensor family, download our brochure below.

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