Linkedin One Touch MeasurementMetrology Power with Simplicity.
Smart, Simple, Intuitive, Powerful and Productive.
Touch technology is revolutionizing human interaction to complex devices providing faster, simpler, more intuitive user solutions. Touch is now available for Coordinate measuring Machines, including portable devices, with the next generation metrology software.
…Come Touch …The Future…Of Coordinate Metrology…
Measurement Solutions to Solve Your Quality Problems

The Measurement Wizard is launched by default whereby the software automatically determines the feature under inspection negating any user interaction and offering true Touch-Less CMM Inspection. Learn more…

CMM Inspection

Seamless TouchDMIS integration with the optional CAD module provides both STEP and IGES file import. Nominal feature extraction and graphical programming provide a fast one touch part program creation. Learn more…

TouchDMIS Touch to Construct Functionality

The Construction Professor is launched by default displaying available construction options from the selected features. A graphical representation of the constructed feature is displayed for One Touch Constructions. Learn more…

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CMM inspection Part Program is displayed as Iconized Program Blocks providing a user readable summary of the underlying high level program code negating the need for interaction with the DMIS program language.

Metrology Software Touch2Datum

One Touch Datum creation provides a highly intuitive and productive means of Datum constructions including 6 point best fit. Selection of previously measured features automatically populates the Datum Windows.

Touch2Tolerance Screenshot

One Touch Tolerance of Features provides a high speed and effective means to apply tolerances using the Tolerance Table providing an immediate evaluation of measured data. ISO tolerancing is available.


The Result Window dynamically displays measuring results and is used for valid data acceptance into the CMM part program. Touch Tolerancing provides an immediate graphical display of feature condition and status.

Touch2Report Metrology Software

Comprehensive Report options available include traditional text and graphical reporting including 3D scene. Blue Print Report function allows Touch dimensioning of measured features in the graphical display.

Touch2Scan 3D scanning software

Scan paths can be generated easily and effectively by selection of pre-defined scan paths specifically tailored for individual geometrical features.