Automated Metrology Solutions

Perceptron offers an extensive portfolio of dimensional gauging and inspection products along with robotic guidance, gap & flush measurement and 3D laser scanning solutions. With over 30 years of experience, Perceptron can be your enterprise metrology partner.

Measurement Solutions to Solve Your Quality Problems
Dimensional Gauging

Precision non-contact automated dimensional measurement and gauging solutions provide real-time part, assembly and process information for in-line or near-line quality control applications.

Perceptron Robot Guidance and Assembly
Robot Guidance

Robot Guidance Solutions provide real-time adaptive feedback ensuring mission-critical manufacturing operations are automatically corrected for process and product variations.

Perceptron Gap and Flush Measurement
Gap & Flush Measurement

Automated non-contact inspection solutions measure gap and flush features for quality validation or process optimization. Systems can be installed in a moving assembly line or near-line.

Metrology Sensors Software
Metrology Sensors & Software

Sensors combined with Enterprise Metrology Software analyze and present extensive measurement information that automatically detect anomalies in the manufacturing process.

CMM Inspection Solutions
Coordinate Measuring Machines

Bridge, Gantry, and Horizontal CMMs with multiple measuring sensor options and state-of-the-art software provide the ultimate coordinate metrology solutions.

Metrology Service and Support
Dedicated Service and Support

Perceptron is dedicated to world-class support and service for our products. We have offices around the globe with support staff to ensure your installation is a success.


 “The vehicle you drive was probably measured by Perceptron.”