Our Story
Perceptron History

Our Mission
To be the global leader in supplying advanced metrology technology by helping our customers to identify and solve their measurement and quality problems.


Perceptron Founded
Perceptron was founded in 1981 and since that time, Perceptron has been an innovator in the use of non-contact vision technology.


Launch MV300 Platform
Introduces first in-line, 100% measurement platform.


Opens GmbH Office
First overseas operations in Munich, Germany to provide extended support to its automotive customers.


Seam Seal Application
Perceptron installs the first robot-guided seam seal application.


First Robot-Mounted Solution
Perceptron installs its first robot-mounted measurement system, ushering in a new era of dimensional gauging.


Glass Decking Application
Perceptron begins a long, successful relationship with automakers; commissioning their first automated, robot-guided glass decking operation.


P1000 Platform
Perceptron introduces its new Assembly Process Control System which continuously measures and analyzes sources of variation; allowing manufacturers to quickly identify and correct manufacturing process faults.


Tokyo Office Opens
Perceptron makes its first foray into the Asian market with the opening of a project office in Tokyo, Japan in cooperation with Sumitomo Corporation.


Non-Contact Wheel Alignment Solution
Developed in cooperation with Ford Motor Company, the NCA system offers a fast and accurate non-contact method to align wheels, which reduces in-plant maintenance of mechanical wheel alignment equipment.


Perceptron begins public trading on the NASDAQ stock market.


First Roof Load Application
Perceptron install its first automated, robot-guided roof load station.


Open Brazil Office
Perceptron extends its global presence and ability to support its customers with the opening of its South American office in Sao Paulo, Brazil.


IPNet Platform
Perceptron introduces IPNet, an exclusive web-based platform that makes inspection and measurement data available to company engineers, anywhere in the world, for comparison and analysis.


ScanWorks 3D Scanners
Perceptron introduces ScanWorks, a powerful 3D scanning system that delivers accuracy, speed and portability for cloud-to-cloud comparison, 3D visualization and modeling, reverse engineering and prototyping applications.


Vector Platform
Perceptron’s newest inspection platform is released. Created on Windows XP, it is designed to mirror the architecture of the manufacturing assembly process.


AutoFit Gap and Flush Announced
Perceptron introduces the first fully automatic system capable of emulating routine gap and flush checks on 100% of production (compared to a few samples per shift with manual inspection).


AutoScan Virtual Ring Gauge
Perceptron’s revolutionary “virtual ring gauge” system improves overall vehicle quality and delivers dramatic cost savings by automating the inspection process and eliminating the need for traditional ring gauges.


ScanWorks V5
Perceptron introduces ScanWorks V5, a revolutionary portable sensor with industry leading field of view.


Commercial Business Unit Created
Perceptron signs agreement with Ridge Tool Company to supply handheld inspection devices to construction and do-it-yourself homeowners.


FlexiCam Pro Sensor Family
Perceptron releases its latest sensor design with 3D scanning capability.


New Office in India
Perceptron expands global presence by opening an office in Chennai, India


Helix Sensor Family Introduced
Helix™ is an innovative and versatile 3D metrology platform that enables manufacturers to perform their most challenging measurement tasks with unparalleled ease and precision.


First Users' Conference
Registrants and speakers from over 20 automotive OEMs in ten countries attended. The conference featured training sessions on Perceptron's Vector Software and new Helix® Sensor Platform.


Acquires Coord3 and Next Metrology Software Solutions
Coord3® is a leading, innovative supplier of a full range of CMMs with a growing global customer base, and one of only two companies in the world that design and manufacture large gantry-style CMMs used to measure very large equipment such as aircraft wings, complete car bodies and railcar frames.


Helix-evo Sensor Family Lauched
Helixevo takes scanning to the next level, improving performance through faster measuring and increased overall system robustness.


Simplified Robot Guidance Solution
The designed-for-guide sensor provides a large field-of-view and standoff that are optimized to handle large placement variation with enough accuracy that complex, precision fixtures and tooling are no longer required.


AccuSite Tracking Solution
The AccuSite™ option only requires the robot to be a simple mover and eliminates all mechanical drift and temperature influence from the measurement results, without markers or other part preparation.


Introduced V7 CMM Scanner
The V7 sensor’s blue laser line creates a unique value proposition by capturing accurate data on a multitude of difficult materials, including dark and reflective surfaces without the typical powder spray or stickering.


Helix-solo Sensor Family
Helix-solo is a full set of non-contact, laser-line sensors built for the plant floor with an IP67-rated housing. A high-resolution camera and multiple laser color options offer unparalleled return images on challenging materials without applying sprays, stickers or additional part preparation.


Perceptron Completes Merger with Atlas Copco
Perceptron becomes a wholly owned subsidiary of Atlas Copco and part of the division, Machine Vision Solutions.


Launched Helix-HD Sensor
Perceptron launched latest Helix sensor platform with improved performance.


Released AccuSite-HD
Perceptron released the next version of our AccuSite optical tracker featuring many updates for the field of view and performance.