AccuSite - Accurate Robotic Measurement

Perceptron’s AccuSite™ Optical Tracking option takes the robot out of the accuracy equation and provides the most accurate robotic measurement solution available for the manufacturing floor.

How it works:
As the Helix-evo sensor scans the measurement features, the AccuSite tracker locates the artifacts attached to the sensor and records their exact location and orientation in space. The AccuSite option only requires the robot to be a simple mover and eliminates all mechanical drift and temperature influence from the measurement results, without markers or any other part preparation.

Why AccuSite?

  • Save Time​
    • Eliminate time-consuming CMM correlation events​.
    • Measure parts as built; no requirement for sprays, stickers, or fiducials​.
    • Measure where you manufacture, no need to remove parts from the assembly line​.
  • Measure More Parts​
    • High throughput suitable for in-line and near-line measurement applications​.
    • Real-time results; no time-consuming data processing​.
  • Designed for the Production Environment​
    • ISO10360-8 system accuracy validation ensures data confidence​.
    • Fully integrated solution without 3rd party software.
  • Highly Configurable
    • AccuSite can be mounted in multiple configurations based on your measurement plan and assembly layout.
    • All design work is pre-configured at Perceptron before the system is shipped to ensure optimal reach, coverage, and cycle time.

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