AutoGuide-MT Simplified Robot Guidance

AutoGuide-MT Simplified Robot Guidance

Our robot guidance platform has been completely reworked and optimized for the requirements of our core applications – de-racking, seam sealing, and glue bead. With the streamlined interface for these specific applications, station setup time can now be measured in hours, not days; saving you money and time.

The large field-of-view Helix-evo X300 sensor and one-glance dashboard eliminate the need for precision fixtures, large conveyors, and expert station operators and handlers. AutoGuide-MT merges reliable 3D scan data with the simplicity of pattern matching. 

Why Automate Your Process with AutoGuide-MT?
  • Let the robots handle large, awkward parts that typically require lift-assist equipment for human operations.
  • Does NOT require laser trackers or special targets for setup or recovery.
  • Simplified one-glance dashboard offers Point & Click guides for easy setup.
  • Smart algorithms are self-teaching and any surface is a potential measurement feature.
  • Capable of seeing the part with up to 70mm of position variation to reduce downtime caused by unreliable 2D systems.
  • Helix-evo’s 3D data is not as sensitive to lighting issues and dirty parts.
  • All sensors are factory calibrated and rectified so they ship ready to measure.
  • Single PoE cable and common spare parts with Helix-evo in-line stations.
  • Helix-evo sensors are built for the plant floor with an IP67 rated housing.
  • Scalable up to 16 sensors to handle a mix of models within one station.
  • Supports all major robots and communication requirements.
 Perceptron’s AutoGuide-MT solution is a better place to start for:
  • Press Unloading
  • Pallet Loading
  • Rack Loading
  • De-Palletizing
  • Glue Bead Dispensing
  • and more …

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