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Today, consumers expect high-quality products AND high-quality packaging. These demands are passed on to the manufacturer – while production speeds are constantly increasing. Only the most advanced technology can guarantee the quality of packaged products and monitor production processes.

End.Expert in-line 100% inspection solution utilizes the most advanced embedded opto-electrical technology to rigorously identify defects on each can end you manufacture. End.Expert ejects the bad ends, eliminates downstream problems, and improves customer satisfaction.

End.Expert finds: Die Marks · Shallow Dents · Scrap in Die · Scratches · Small, Sharp Dents · Contamination · Rivet Integrity Interruptions in Score Line · Embossing Integrity · Compound Defects · Tab Alignment · Curl Defects · Foreign Objects

High-speed, high-resolution color camera
Advanced Defect Detection & Classification
  • Newest 1000Hz high-resolution color imaging for the industry’s highest image acquisition rate and image processing speed
  • Triple image capture and inspection on every end robustly identify all the defects
  • Advanced programmable multi-illumination tower allows a single lighting system to create all lighting scenarios and no need for custom lighting arrangements between different defects and products
  • Embedded intelligence and communication for faster image processing providing shorter reject distances
  • Full functionality at 3000ppm production speed with a 6000ppm burst rate
  • UV lighting option available for grease and oil detection

Bright Field Illumination

Best contrast on long-wave defects without sharp edges

Dark Field Illumination

Detection of short-wave defects with sharp edges and optimized for curl quality

Dome Illumination

Defect detection on structured surfaces

Information at your fingertips
Setup and Data Visualization Tools

User-Guided Setup

  • Step-by-step parameter setup of product specifications
  • Easy clone functionality from existing to new products
  • Offline teaching without interfering with online performance
  • Independent of raw material brightness variation

Operator Station Dashboard

  • Optimized for operators and maintenance team
  • Graphical representation of production line rate, speed, and error groups
  • Integrated event logger for faster troubleshooting
  • Customizable buttons for quick setting access

Multi-Line Production Monitoring

  • Monitor up to 12 inspection stations simultaneously
  • Precise process and product analysis in a single system
  • Status indicators for inspection & ejector stations
  • Notifications options to pro-actively correct and improve your process

Production Statistics

  • Company-wide real-time and historical quality evaluation
  • Integrated interface to SPC and warehouse applications
  • Module, lane, machine, product, and test characteristics within reports
  • Automated shift, week, or monthly report options
  • Supports CSV and OPC file exporting capability

Why QUISS Can End Inspection Solution?

100% Measurement is Key

By measuring each and every end you manufacture, you validate that end's quality and gain critical information about your manufacturing process.

Flexible Hardware Configurations

From a standalone unit to a multi-line setup, we can customize a solution to meet your inspection needs.

Industry Leading Visualization Tools

Today's complex production strategies require the most powerful data and analysis tools available to ensure your manufacturing quality.

Local Support and Service

Our local support and service teams back our solutions.

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