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We firmly believe our continuing success depends on the full and best use of the abilities of all Team Members. To fulfill these guidelines, we recruit, employ, train, compensate and promote Team Members without regards to race, color, religion, national origin, gender, age, marital status, disability, or any other factor not related to the needs of the position.

Open Positions

As a Perceptron Senior Account Manager, you will be responsible for sales to specific target accounts or markets and act as the Team Leader for the sales team.

The Senior Account Manager will:

  • Set team goals, objectives, and strategies based on account specific requirements.
  • Provide leadership and participate in implementing improvements for additional sales.
  • Provide guidance and counseling to other team members.
  • Communicate the requirements to the team.
  • Know and respect the administrative requirements associated with the position.
  • Provide forecasts and budgets (minimal monthly, quarterly, and annually) for company planning.
  • Collaborate with business development.

Download the full job description here.

As a Perceptron Project Engineer, you will work under the direction of a Project Manager to effectively install/support Perceptron projects (understand scope and tasks). You will also meet scheduling expectations and interact effectively with customers.

The Project Engineer will:

  • Handle unexpected customer delays and situations during project installations appropriately, representing the Project Management Team in strong, positive manner.
  • Determine and execute corrective actions for installation errors, customer changes, or unanticipated circumstances in coordination with your supervisor.
  • Communicate project status to the Project Managers, and support Account teams, as necessary.
  • Complete necessary training, so that you are able to complete the task in the field and ask for assistance from a Technical Specialist.
  • Learn to integrate Perceptron technology with other equipment such as laser trackers, robots, and communication interfaces.
  • Take initiative to broaden skill-set across all Perceptron applications (Gauge/Guide), as opportunities arise.
  • Represent Perceptron in a positive manner with all customers at all times.

Download the complete job description here.

Wir, die Perceptron GmbH sind ein fiihrender Hersteller berUhrungsloser, lasergestutzter Messtechnik. Wir sind nicht nur Messtechnikhersteller. Wir sind mehr. Wir haben uns spezialisiert. Nicht auf bestimmte Kunden. Sondern auf spezielle Anforderungen, die herausfordern, jedes Mal anders und jedes Mal spannend sind.

So konnen Sie sich bei uns einbringen:

  • Vollumfangliche UnterstUtzung des Sales Teams (Ausarbeitung von Angeboten fur GroBprojekte)
  • Erstellen von Standardangeboten anhand Preis-Listen (Spare Parts, Retouren, Trainings)
  • Schnittstelle zwischen Account Management, Fakturierung und Supportabteilung
  • OberprUfung von Bestellungen auf Richtigkeit, Kalkulation der Marge, Organisation von Kick-Off Meetings
  • Projektnachverfolgung und Kontrolle (Cost follow up) im ERP System

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