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Tier suppliers use Perceptron’s in-line measurement solutions to guarantee build quality to their OEM customers while reducing costs and improving productivity. Measuring 100% on the plant floor is the most cost-effective approach for quality control. 

Applications Include:
  • Frames
  • Front end modules
  • Subframes
  • Cross car beams
  • Exhaust
  • Closure panels
  • Battery components
  • … and more
Perceptron Solutions can measure automotive frames
Application Overview
Frame Measurement

Frames are the foundation of a vehicle and have many critical features required for attaching subassemblies and positioning the vehicle throughout the build process. Perceptron has worked with the leading Tier frame suppliers to expand our measurement acquisition and analysis (SPC and GD&T) capability to meet OEM traceability requirements.

Application Overview
Hot-end and Cold-end Exhaust Measurement

When it comes to exhaust measurement for quality control, in-line is the most cost-effective solution for 100% inspection compared to a CMM, dedicated checking fixtures, or variable gages. Perceptron works with global manufacturers to provide a flexible solution to measure all exhaust models produced and also report the critical information required by the application. Unique to exhaust manufacturing is the limited discrete features on a given part, but the relationship between the features is essential to determine the overall quality.

Perceptron solutions are installed in Automotive Tier Plants
Perceptron AutoGaugeACF Automated Checking Fixture Solution
Application Overview
Closure Panel Measurement

The final fit and finish of the vehicle is dependent on a good alignment of the closure panels to the final vehicle, regardless if the closures are manufactured by the OEM or Tier supplier. Perceptron has installed in-line and near-line solutions at Tier and OEM manufacturing plants to validate closure panel quality before placing the panels on the vehicle.

Tier Customers
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