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Turning Data Into Actionable Information

(35 minutes)

Don Manfredi and Dr. Jim Roan demonstrate how Perceptron’s Argus software turns production data into information on the plant floor and how they see Industry 4.0 evolving in the future.

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Maximize Productivity with Automated Path Generation Software

(45 minutes)

Join Michael Bourgeois, Perceptron Product Line Manager, and Don Manfredi, Industry Veteran. They demonstrate Perceptron’s innovation: Automated Path Generation (APG) software for AutoGauge System robot path programming, collision avoidance, and measurement planning. Participants will learn how APG increases your productivity by creating a Digital Twin of your AutoGauge production system to streamline off-line setup and on-site changes.

You define the rules, constraints, and goals . . . APG will do the rest.

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Why Speed of Measurement is Important in Automated Metrology

(30 minutes)

Join Dr. Jim Roan, Perceptron Product Line Manager, and Rick Van Valkenburg, Perceptron Vice President of Global Sales and Marketing, as they discuss why the speed of measurement plays an essential role in automated metrology solutions. Participants will learn how in-line and near-line measurement strategies can control process quality while maximizing productivity.

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