Ensure zero-defect production with comprehensive process documentation and visualization across all production stages in real-time. Our software solutions generate meaningful results from the data collected by your inspection, measurement, and production systems. When predefined limits are exceeded, the system proactively alerts the relevant users via the system control or by sending emails or text messages. Automated reports provide maximum transparency and help users make fast, objective decisions.

The system is the intelligent toolbox for a wide range of users, such as maintenance, operation, and management. The client-server architecture enables access to the data both locally and across plants. This makes production more transparent and visualizes emerging trends next to no time. Negative influences on product quality can be addressed quickly before quality problems incur additional costs.

Advanced Analytics with Argus Software

Why choose our integrated software solutions?

GD&T and SPC Reporting

Today's complex production strategies require the most powerful data and analysis tools available. Run SPC reports and validate to your design intent with built-in GD&T tools.

100% Measurement is Key

By measuring and analyzing every part you manufacture, you gain vital data on individual products and gain critical information about your manufacturing process. Specific data patterns only become apparent through 100% measurement.

Simple, Intuitive Display of Results

AutoGauge quickly and effectively informs operators when a feature exceeds its spec. limit via text, email, stack light or stopping the line.

Real-Time Process Snapshot

Immediate visualization and analysis of production status within a few clicks.

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