Robotic Scanning

Robotic Scanning

The 3D Robotic Scanning solutions delivered by Perceptron combine the long successful history of our automated inline measurement systems with our high end 3D scanning capabilities. This unique blend of experience and industrial technology provides unparalleled value to our end users throughout the life-cycle of their product programs.

The focus of our Robotic Scanning solutions is to enable users to perform their part and process inspection requirements as efficiently as possible. Most other 3D scanning products are either manually labor intensive in nature or do not provide the throughput capability that the user really needs.

The Perceptron solution is innovative for solving dimensional control related manufacturing challenges. The capability and flexibility delivers the power of 3D visualization information for solving complex product ramp-up problems along with the speed and ease required for high frequency quality auditing.

Our Robotic Scanning solutions are engineered for industrial environments and can be implemented throughout your manufacturing facility – from within the production line to the quality control room.



Perceptron 3D Robotic Scanning solution has been engineered to meet the challenging day to day demands that exist within industrial manufacturing centers. With this objective in mind, the focus of the delivery is to provide the measurement solutions which allow end users to launch and manufacture high quality products at a rate which ensures profitability. To meet this goal, several of the key benefits off the non-contact measurement system delivered by Perceptron are:

  • Highly flexible system that can measure many different parts.
  • Robust and hardened manufacturing plant floor 3D inspection system.
  • Replaces expensive, inflexible, and bulky hard gauging fixtures.
  • Designed for efficient configuration and maintenance of repetitive measurement tasks.
  • Provides much faster part inspection rates than with manual or CMM methods.
  • Employs high quality structured laser light for data acquisition; reliable and proven.
  • No part preparation requirements; special coatings, sprays, or markers are not needed.
  • Influences of human error are not present in the measurement results.
  • Superior quality on critical features; trim and hem edges, corners, gap & flush.
  • Measures threaded studs, nuts, and fasteners; without need for special tools or inserts.
  • Fully automated solution; data collection, analysis, and reporting.
  • Part inspections and reporting can be performed by production personnel.
  • Provides value throughout the lifespan of the entire product program.

To provide the previously outlined benefits to the end user, there are many specific features and functionality Perceptron designs into the 3D Robotic Scanning solution. These features have been, and continue to be, developed over a period of many years of deploying industrial manufacturing inspection systems. Our extensive domain knowledge and experience allows us to continually improve our solution feature set in order to provide ongoing benefit to the end user. Several highlights of the Perceptron solution are outlined below.

  • Factory certified sensors; no field re-configuration or re-calibration required.
  • Ability to specify sensor measurement volume data acquisition size via user interface.
  • Number and density of laser lines can be configured per feature. Allows optimization of results per feature type; not restricted to a common acquisition strategy for all features.
  • Simulated sensors can be used to generate synthetic scan data and configure inspections on the CAD model; allows efficient validation of inspection setup.
  • Combination of traditional XYZ data and contemporary 3D scanning analysis.
  • Visual Fixturing® technology to keep part holding fixtures simple and low cost.
  • Ability to report and analyze data in multiple alignment schemes; for complex problems.
  • Integrated system calibration; no fiducial markers, external robot tracking, or line of sight issues.
  • Fully automated calibration verification and temperature compensation routines.
  • Results are available immediately following data acquisition; no post processing of data.

3D Robotic Scanning solutions can also be configured to work in conjunction with fixed mounted Helix scanning sensors; thus offering two distinct configurations depending on your parts and process requirements:

  • Robot Mounted – Sensors installed on an industrial robot
  • Hybrid – Combination of structure mounted and robot mounted sensors

Perceptron’s Robotic Scanning solutions are commonly used in the following applications:

  • Vehicle Closure Panels
  • Vehicle Body-in-White
  • Exhaust Pipes
  • Extrusions
  • and more

For more information about Perceptron Robotic Scanning solution, download our brochure below.

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