Collaborative Gauging Solutions

AutoScan is a family of next generation industrial metrology products that bring automated 3D scanning, dimensional measurement and dimensional gauging to the shop-floor. AutoScan combines the very latest Collaborative technology with Perceptron’s revolutionary Helix Smart Scanning Sensor technology.

AutoScan is available in the following configurations:


Configuration based on Collaborative Robot

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Configuration based on Industrial Robot and Collaborative Safety Scheme
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AutoScan Collaborative Gauging Solutions have the following characteristics:

  • Collaborative Safety – Force Limited Sensing or Speed and Separation Monitoring respectively is applied to provide a collaborative work zone between humans and the robot; eliminating or minimizing the need for traditional safety fencing.
  • Small Footprint – Decreased measurement cell footprint on manufacturing floor.
  • Ultimate Mobility – Robot can be mounted on a tripod or table with castors.
  • Complete Package – Seamlessly integrated Helix hardware and Vector software.
  • Real-time Results – Instant measurement results with Vector’s Measurement Monitor.
  • No Part Preparation – Sprays or stickers are not required on the part(s) before measurement.
AutoScan Collaborative Gauge and RoboGauge have the following options available to meet your measurement requirements:

  • Absolute or Comparative Calibration
  • Helix or Helix High Dynamic Range Sensor
  • Scalable Work Areas