Gap and Flush Solutions

Perceptron's automated, non-contact Gap and Flush solutions measure mating parts on a product for quality validation or process optimization. The measurement results are used to direct personnel where to make adjustments or what to correct in the manufacturing process. Creating a final dimensional quality gate ensures that every product leaving your facility achieves the highest standards for fit and alignment.

Our Gap and Flush solutions are designed for industrial environments and can be installed in various locations around your manufacturing facility – from the main production area within a weld or assembly line to a drive-in quality audit station.


Depending on your measurement needs, Perceptron Gap and Flush solutions are categorized into two different application locations: In-Line or Near-Line

Measurement Solutions to Solve Your Quality Problems

In-Line solutions measure every product you produce and provide real-time information so you have total visibility of your fit and finish quality.  They can be deployed as 'Moving Line' where the measurements are taken as the part passes by or as a 'Stop Station' where the part is stopped during the measurement process.

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Near-Line solutions are installed on the shop-floor within close proximity of the manufacturing line. These solutions are typically used as a fast quality audit check and reduce your dependency on handheld gauges where results can be subjective and differ operator to operator.

Perceptron’s Gap and Flush solutions are available with the following features:

  • Zero Gap Algorithm – Reliably measure gaps less than 1mm or gaps that have been partially filled with noise reduction materials.
  • Limits and Alarms – Configurable Trend, Specification and Reject limits that can be accessed by Control devices (i.e. PLC or Robot) for part containment.
  • Central Server – Allows Monitoring, Reporting and Configuration of all measurement cells from a single access point.
  • Fitter Displays – Integrated, hi-resolution monitors located in the fitter station that show measurement results to personnel.
  • Color Detection – Multiple methods available to detect the color of the part to be measured, ensuring reliable results.
  • Measure Various Materials – Chrome, Glass, Carbon Fiber, Polycarbonate, Sheet Metal – Painted or Unpainted
Perceptron’s Gap and Flush solutions can be configured in three different ways to meet your application needs:
  • Structure mounted – Sensors installed on standardized tubing
  • Robot Mounted – Sensors installed on an industrial robot
  • Hybrid – Combination of structure mounted and robot mounted sensors
Perceptron’s Gap and Flush solutions can be configured to support moving line or stop station in the following applications:

  • Vehicle Closure Panel Alignment
  • Vehicle Front End Module Alignment
  • Washing Machine Panel Alignment
  • and more
For more information about Perceptron’s Gap and Flush solutions, download our brochure below.

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