Perceptron Sensor Technology

Helix-evo is Perceptron’s latest family of accurate 3D scanning sensors providing complete dimensional measurement control. Programmable scanning density, laser line length and orientation and capture of multiple features in one position ensures accurate and repeatable part/process information.

Available in a range of sizes, Helix is the ideal sensor and excels in difficult to measure features such as large holes, threaded nuts, and studs.

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Perceptron’s Helix-solo family of contour sensors are a cost-effective solution for single feature measurement on challenging materials, such as glass, poly-carbonate, and chrome. They are available with a green, blue or violet laser and can be robot or structure mounted. Helix-solo provides the data you need to improve part and process quality.

Helix-solo is built for the plant floor.


Perceptron TriCam SensorsTriCam is Perceptron’s legacy laser triangulation sensor family. TriCam sensors come in various configurations with selection dependent on measurement requirements. Robotic applications typically use FlexiCam or FlexiCam Pro versions built specifically for harsh robotic measurement applications.

TriCam sensors contain an on-board processor and can be programmed over the intranet using the Perceptron Vector software platform. Once programmed, the on-board processor performs the run-time image processing and algorithm computation, returning the processed X, Y, Z results back to the controller for further computations. All sensor calibration and identification data is self-contained within the sensor.

Wheel Alignment

Perceptron pioneered non-contact wheel alignment technology in the early 1990s with a major North American automotive manufacturer. From this early collaboration, the Perceptron HNCA sensor was developed and the first installations were completed in automotive assembly plants in St. Louis and Windsor. Since the highly successful pioneering installations, Perceptron has supplied thousands of non-contact alignment sensors to all of the major global in-line wheel alignment suppliers.
The Perceptron HNCA sensor is well proven and robust; many sensors installed in the early 90s remain operational and performing to their original specifications. The HNCA sensor has experienced many technology updates over the last 10 years.

CMM Scanning

Perceptron is once again disrupting the CMM scanning market by releasing its new V7 sensor.

Following in the footsteps of the Perceptron V Series reputation, the V7 is built using cutting edge technology including the use of blue laser at a price lower than the competition.

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