Perceptron Software Technology

Vector Metrology SoftwareVector software is the backbone of Perceptron’s automated metrology solutions that provides the calculation and visualization tools to turn sensor data into actionable information. The modular user interface is designed to accommodate the specific needs of each user profile, from manufacturing to engineering management. The user can access all important information quickly and directly through Vector’s intelligent interlinking of modules.

Perceptron Argus Software OptionArgus is an advanced analysis software option for Vector that takes Perceptron gauges way beyond traditional historical reporting.  Argus Detector software automatically runs in the background, constantly analyzing collected data in search of suspicious patterns. When an opportunity for improvement is detected, Argus Identifier notifies the user by pointing out potential “case studies”.

Argus utilizes 3D CAD imaging to visually describe the variation pattern to the user. Argus even helps prioritize actions by calculating the likely amount of process variation reduction that will be realized if the problem is fixed.

TouchDMIS Measuring Software
Percepton TD image3b250PRCP TouchDMIS LogoMaking CMM measurement simple incorporating a 100% Touch interface with TouchCAD quick programming module. TouchDMIS is a game changer in CMM usability offering the world’s first all TOUCH CMM software. Seamlessly integrated with both manual and DCC COORD3 Touch and Scanning Probes, TouchDMIS requires just a few hours training and offers incredibly short learning curves.

TouchDMIS takes the expert out of CMM measuring and programming.

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