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Since 1981, Perceptron has led the market for in-line, 100% Automated Metrology and Robot Guidance solutions. We are continuously developing and expanding our product portfolio to help you automate your processes, predict and solve manufacturing problems.

Your success is our success. Let us help you achieve:

  • Faster Launches
  • Problem Containment
  • Less Scrap & Re-Work
  • Better Assembly
  • Fewer Warranty Claims
  • Proactive Quality Control

and ultimately … Increase your Productivity.

Perceptron Offers over 35 years of experience in Automated Metrology and Robot Guidance
Design. Installation. Support.
Solution Portfolio
Industrial Metrology
Non-contact measurement solutions provide real-time part and process information on the plant floor so you can find and solve problems immediately.
Gap & Flush Measurement
Improve your productivity by automating the quality check of mating parts. Bare metal, painted metal, chrome, glass - we can measure it and tell you where to adjust.
Bead Inspection
Laser-based solution installed directly on dispensing nozzles to provide real-time inspection of the adhesive and sealant dispensing process.
Paint Inspection
Non-contact inspection systems detect minute scratches, inclusions, or holes at high throughput speeds. Classify all detected defect types, allowing users to pinpoint and correct defect causes.
Robot Guidance
Real-time adaptive feedback solution ensuring mission-critical robotic operations are automatically corrected for process and product variations. Complete portfolio from bin picking to precision placement.
Production Analytics
Our software solutions aggregate and link data from inspection and other production systems together so you can solve problems faster. The data you need, when and where you need it.
Strong Foundation
About Our Brands

Perceptron is a leading global provider of 3D automated measurement solutions and coordinate measuring machines with 40 years of experience. Manufacturers around the world rely on Perceptron to achieve best-in-class quality, reduce scrap, minimize re-work, and increase productivity.

ISRA VISION specializes in technologies for surface inspection and 3D vision through industrial automation and surface vision. The products cover applications in visual guidance and quality inspection and solutions are mainly focused on the automotive, semiconductor, and solar industries.

QUISS is a reliable partner for developing and implementing professional turnkey image processing solutions for the automotive and metal packaging industries. With their excellent technologies and algorithms, QUISS systems provide a competitive edge for bead inspection and can End inspection.

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