High gloss surfaces are among the most important features of many premium painted or coated products. The smallest surface defects can often harm a  product’s perceived quality. Inspecting this critical quality attribute is often challenging for optical metrology, and manual inspections can be tedious, expensive, and influenced by subjective decision criteria. During production, faulty painting or coating processes can cause high scrap rates later in the process, meaning a higher cost of scrap. Defects not detected during the final inspection can lead to expensive complaints and, in the worst case, the loss of the customer. Only an efficient, automated surface inspection achieves the highest quality at acceptable costs.

With comprehensive know-how about the coating process, measurement technologies, robotics, and automation, we will help you design a solution that allows you to detect defects before they get to your customer, helping you increase the quality of your products.

Why 3D Surface Inspection?

High Speed

Optical inspection for fast cycle times


24/7 consistent inspection

Fully Automated

Inline or offline integration

Defect classification

AI-based 100% quality control

Our inspection systems automatically and seamlessly detect quality-relevant defects on glossy surfaces of almost any component size. An objective classification of the defects allows source tagging to optimize production processes, conserve resources, and save costs. Users benefit from 100% quality assurance and high customer satisfaction. 

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