Perceptron has combined over 40 years of metrology and manufacturing experience to create a truly absolute, correlation-free checking fixture for your plant floor. Virtually everything about AutoGauge-ACF is automatic – from robot path generation that enables quick setup and changes to the display of measurement results for real-time analysis.

AutoGauge-ACF utilizes Perceptron’s latest AccuSite optical tracking technology and Helix-evo sensor to achieve high accuracy, validated using industry-standard performance metrics per the DIN-ISO 10360-8 standard. AccuSite turns the robot into a simple mover and eliminates all mechanical drift and temperature influences from the measurement results.

Measure More

Inspect additional features like holes, studs, threaded fasteners, and seal surfaces that checking fixtures cannot.

Accelerate Your Launch

Shorten launch time by identifying incoming problems faster and fine tuning your build during the launch phase.
Perceptron automated metrology solutions do not require spray icon

Measure As-Built

Measure parts as built; no requirement for sprays, stickers, or fiducials.


AutoGauge-ACF supports your robot and PLC standards, so you have complete control.


Improve Quality – Minimize Re-WORK – Reduce SCrap

CMM accuracy on your plant floor.

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