Optimize fit and finish of adjacent panels or trim assemblies

You have mere seconds to assess the results of assembling your entire product while your customers have hours, days, or even weeks to inspect it. Perceptron solution creates a final, objective dimensional quality gate ensures that every product leaving your facility achieves the highest standards for fit and alignment – before they reach customers and before they lead to customer complaints, a poor quality image and expensive warranty claims.

Perceptron’s fully automated, non-contact Gap and Flush solution measures the relationship between mating parts and directs your personnel where to adjust or what to correct in the manufacturing process.

Perceptron Gap and Flush sensors measuring vehicle headlamp

Why Perceptron Gap and Flush Solution?


Most accurate laser technology suitable for measurement on all materials and validated by automotive leader for fit and finish.

Challenging Materials

Measure reflective surfaces with confidence. Repeatable, accurate measurements on glass, chrome, poly-carbonate, carbon fiber, sheet metal, painted metal and more - without sprays, stickers, or auxiliary fiducials on your part.

Fitter Displays

Measurement results can be presented on large displays above or around the AutoFit system and provide guidance to the operator, soliciting efficient analysis and accurate adjustments.

Zero Gap Algorithm

Reliably measure gaps less than 1mm or gaps that have been partially filled with noise reduction materials.
Perceptron solutions support multiple robot types icon

Industrial and Collaborative Robots

AutoFit solutions are robot independent and support standard industrial robots and collaborative robots. We will work with your standards and preferred robot supplier to meet your fit and finish application needs.


Depending on your application and manufacturing setup, AutoFit can be installed as a stop station or as a moving line where the measurements are taken as the part continuously moves along the manufacturing line.
Hundreds of Active Installations
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AutoFit Gap and Flush Measurement Solution


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