Metrology Power with Simplicity 1Measure Button

Measuring with TouchDMIS could not have been designed to be easier. Selection of the Measure Button launches the Measurement Toolbar. The Measurement Wizard is launched automatically by default allowing the software to automatically determines the feature under inspection negating any need for user interaction and offering true ‘Touch-Less’ CMM Inspection.

In parallel with the launch of the Measurement Toolbar the Measurement Window and the Result Window are automatically launched.


The Measurement Wizard can be switched off at any time and any Measurement Wizard result can be overridden by selection of the required Feature Button on the Measuring Toolbar.

To select and measure Features from CAD simply select a Toolbar Feature Button, touch the required CAD feature, and Measure using the Measure Window.

The Measure Window allows 2D features to be projected to the nearest plane or by selecting the required previously measured plane. Relative Measurement of a feature can be performed by selecting the Vector Build Button allowing thin walled flexible parts to be measured simply with a single additional touch.

Setting of the Feature Form Error, in system settings, provides automatic execution of the feature under measurement. When the next point measured on the part is from an unrelated feature TouchDMIS recognizes this due to the excessive form error and executes the previous feature measurement automatically. On a manual or portable arm CMM this feature provides the user with true touch-less inspection allowing focus on the physical measurement task and not the software interaction. An industry first!

Automatic rotation of the PH10/20 motorized probe head to the selection feature vector with automatically generated G0-To points provide fault-less CNC inspection programming with TouchDMIS and significantly reduces traditional CMM programming steps.

web-slide-34After creation of a part alignment system the 2D mode and 2D view-port can be selected. This mode allows for fast 2D feature inspection with automatic projection of measured features. An immediate 2D drawing is created allowing for fast part dimensioning using the Blueprint reporting capabilities of TouchDMIS.

  • Measurement Wizard
  • Touch-Less inspection
  • One-Touch Feature selection from CAD
  • Auto projection of Feature
  • Relative Measurement of Thin-Walled Parts
  • Feature Path Planning
  • Auto Rotation of PH10/20 to Feature Vector
  • Automatic ‘Go-To’ Point Generation
  • Flip Window to Settings
  • One Touch Vector and Inner/Outer Flipping
  • Touch Drag Discs